Music Programming

What is Music Programming?

Guests come and go. Utilize the right music during each part of your business day to create a unique experience and convert your guests into BRAND LOYALISTS. Whatever your style, taste or direction, the music we provide will increase customer “dwell time.” You get them in the door and we’ll help keep them there. Check out some of our audio samples below.

  • motown & disco
    Timeless classics from the
    Motown & Disco eras.
  • Future Sound
    Eclectic grooves. Deep Bass. Heading nodding beats. The sound of tomorrow.
  • Deep House Nu Disco
    A mixture of smooth, upbeat house
    and nu disco tracks.
  • hip hop/r&b
    A mix of today's Hip Hop and R&B.
  • downtempo lounge
    Chill downtempo vibes for the
    perfect lounge atmosphere.
  • EDM
    High energy nightlife sounds.
  • Retro 80s & 90s
    A mix of classic 80s & 90s tracks.
  • Uptempo Lounge
    Funky and soulful instrumentals with enough drive to keep the energy level high.
  • indie rock
    Handpicked collection of chart-driven
    Indie Rock.
  • open format classics
    A mix of classic R&B, Hip Hop,
    Funk, Pop and more.
  • Funk & Soul
    Classic Funk and Soul from
    the 60s, 70s and 80s.
  • classic rock
    Timeless Rock tracks from the 60s and 70s.

Why Rareform Sound?

Our expertise speaks for itself. With a combined 40+ years experience in the music and hospitality industries, you will not find a more trusted source for your music programming needs.

We offer our clients a fully customized audio environment with exceptional value and convenience. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to complement your marketing strategies and meet the specific requirements of all types of businesses.

Whether you’re looking for compelling background music, affordable wait music, or a show-stopping audiovisual marketing component for your flagship store – we help you achieve your business objectives, meet your budget and exceed your service expectations.

See below for a few clients our programmers have worked with. For a more in depth look at their other clients, click on the Clients tab above.

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With clients that extend from restaurants, luxury brands, lounges, nightclubs, hotels, private and corporate events Rareform Sound’s music curation work can be heard almost anywhere. Below are some of the past clients our programmers have worked with:

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1) How does Rareform Sound’s music programming differ from other music for business operators?

Rareform Sound’s music programming packages provide your business with a commercial-free turnkey solution. Our passionate and dedicated production staff consists of world renowned live-performance DJs who create your audio atmosphere with the same intuition used to “read a room.” We specialize in knowing what types of songs work for your demographic, and crafting the exclusive music experience for your business.

2) How much does Rareform Sound’s music programing for business cost?

Each one of our music programming projects is completely customized based on our customers’ needs. Click on the contact us tab above and fill out the form to discuss your business so we are able to formulate a sensible plan. We will reach out with a few options that may work well for you.

3) What equipment will I need?

Our goal is to provide you with a “set it and forget it” music solution, so neither you nor your employees need to worry about anything but pressing “play.” This can be as simple as emailing you a high-quality MP3 file, sending you a CD or working with you to figure out whatever works best with your “house” system.

4) I have more than one location. Do I need separate accounts for each?

Separate accounts are not required for multiple locations. We will happily work with you to deliver music to all of your locations, suggest customized programs that vary based on current music trends in various geographic regions, and streamline pricing accordingly.

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