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MopTop is a New York based Hip-Hop, Disco and Electronic Funk DJ & Producer. Having Played and worked with the likes of Diplo, Rick Ross, Chromeo just to name a few, Moptop has extensive experience working and understanding the high demand ins and outs of the music industry. From an early age MopTop’s sound was shaped by influences from Jimi Hendrix, Jay-Z and DJ AM. With an evolving stage show that breaks down the genre barriers; fusing old school hip-hop with deep house, rock, pop, disco and soul, MopTop is poised to push a distinct underground style to the masses. Over the years MopTop has performed at various different festivals including Mayhem Fest, Oddball Comedy Tour, Safe & Sound SXSW, Governor’s Ball, Miami Art week. Fast forwarding to today where MopTop currently is on tour between LA, MIA and NYC and has 3 singles out now with his bands Passe & The Outros push a distinct underground style to the masses.




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